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Aston Spirit Black  Bundle

The Aston Spirit is a multiple award-winning, high-performance switchable pattern condenser microphone, utilising a 1” gold evaporated capsule. Versatile enough to use with most instruments, it excels on acoustic guitar and vocals, while Spirit’s Aston 33 panel selected capsule is teamed with high-end transformer balanced circuitry using only the best components.

This highly accurate microphone is designed to deliver a beautifully open sound with sparkling harmonics and gives stunningly natural and transparent recordings, capturing all the detail in the high range, but without adding the harshness that some condenser microphones seem to.

The Aston Swift shock-mount takes microphone mounting to the next level of ease. With 2 quick release spring clips, mounting your microphone takes seconds and while the ‘ShockStar’ suspension eliminates the need for fiddly rubber bands, it offers a high level of elasticity for maximum isolation. The Shield pop filter itself features a unique, solid stainless-steel shield, with precisely acid etched hexagonal filter holes, to give crystal clear vocals, with perfect acoustic performance for plosive (pop) control. It also presents a large surface area and curves around the mic, so vocalist movement is never an issue.


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