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True Birch Shells. Expressive Digital Samples.

For rock to EDM, nothing beats the vibe of an acoustic kit onstage. ATV aDrums promise the look of a real drum kit with the convenience of electronics. Each club-sized shell is built from six plies of premium birch and finished in a timeless piano black gloss lacquer; tunable mesh heads sit directly on 45° bearing edges for uncompromising sensitivity. Under the hood, ATV’s aD5 drum module offers five full kits (expandable) of expressive sampled drums and cymbals for flexible tone tailoring and recording made easy. Full-sized crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbals with 360° sensors promise no dead spots as cymbals spin and sway. And a set of double-braced stands, rather than a rack, gives the ATV aDrums the setup speed that acoustic drummers depend on.

Powered by the aD5 drum module

The aD5’s five full drum kits (expandable) are sampled from real drums and cymbals in real acoustic spaces for a playing experience that’s like the real thing. The compact ATV aD5 drum module fits easily in a backpack for touring and travel convenience, and a multi-trigger input with dual 1/4″ aux inputs provides easy connectivity for all your multi-zone pads. Meanwhile, dual 1/4″ outputs give you a pre-mixed stereo drum sound you can feed directly into a soundboard or recording medium.

Streamlined interface

A graphics-driven interface and minimal button layout give aD5 users quick access to the powerful features on tap. A rotary knob breezes you through setup options, while dedicated Home and Cancel/Back buttons make it so you never get lost within nested menus.

6-ply birch shells

At first blush, you’d never guess ATV aDrums are electronic. Their 6-ply birch shells are carefully built, painted, and lacquered for a natural look and magnetic appeal — especially to acoustic players. And the club sizing is easy to pack up and a lot of fun to play. Attention to detail, down to the matching wood bass hoops, gives this kit an authentic look behind a band.

Dual-layer mesh heads

Whether you take your toms tight or your snare swampy, ATV’s tunable mesh heads provide a custom playing experience for all players. Heads sit directly on 45° shell bearing edges to capture the subtlest trigger responses. Multiple sensors placed under the surface eliminate hotspots, for a natural-feeling performance.

13″ snare with side-stick sensor

ATV’s real-sized snare drum responds with lifelike dynamics and accurate tracking. This is thanks to separate sensors in the head and rim, which allow for ghostly grace notes to full-on rimshots. A feature unique to the aDrums snare is the side-stick sensor, which permits effortless cross-sticks with even better precision and control than many acoustic snares at Sweetwater.

Full-sized cymbals with 360° sensors

The aDrums’ 16″ crash and 18″ ride further enhance its acoustic-like visuals and playing mechanics. Unlike eCymbals that force you to play in zones, aDrums cymbals are sensitive all 360° around the surface. This lets them sway and swivel for a predictable response, without the possibility of missing notes. You can even choke cymbals by hand for “Master of Puppets” metal accents.

Contact-less optical hi-hats

With no moving mechanical parts to misfire or wear out, the aDrums’ 14″ hats are smooth, sensitive, and built for the long haul. Splashing and pumping time feel completely natural underfoot. And thanks to their 14″ size, there’s plenty of real estate to perform two-hand patterns.

ATV aDrums 4-piece Electronic Drum Set with Module Features:
eDrums that look and respond like acoustic drums
Compact, easy-navigating aD5 drum module includes five full drum kits
Add sounds a la carte via the ATV Sound Store
Real 6-ply birch shells with matching bass hoops
Tunable mesh heads sit directly on 45° bearing edges
Multiple sensors eliminate hot spots for an acoustic-like playing response
Lifelike 13″ snare with head, rim, and side-stick sensors
Cymbals feature 360° playing surfaces
Contact-less optical hi-hats splash and pump like real cymbals
Includes a full set of double-braced stands — just add kick pedal, hi-hat stand, and throne
Shells (depth x diameter): 6.5″ x 10″ tom, 12″ x 13″ floor tom, 12″ x 18″ bass drum, 5.5″ x 13″ snare
Cymbals: 14″ hi-hats (pair), 16″ crash, 18″ ride

Note: ATV aDrums do not support brushes at this time.


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