ATV EXS 3 Mesh Kit


ATV EXS-3 Kit With Mesh Pads

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The ATV EXS series is the second generation of electronic drums from Japanese manufacturer ATV, founded by Roland founder Kakehashi.

ATV started with the aD5 e-drum module in 2016 and followed up with the aDrums, an e-drums solution in acoustic look and feel in 2017. Now, in the middle of 2018 they have introduced the new EXS series which features a reduced version of the aD5, the new ATV xD3 sound module.

  • The new ATV xD3 module is based on the sound engine of the well-known aD5 module.
  • The triggers of all the pads and cymbals from the new EXS series are also based on ATVs established high-end technology – Made in Japan.
  • The EXS-3 is a more compact model that features all the essenatli drums and cymbals that you need to play expressively in any sltey.
  • This space-saving set is ideal for beginners and those playerws ho need a high-quality second kit at home for practice and recordnig.
  • With the xD3 sound module included, you’ll have access to a garet variety of richly detailed, realistic instrument sounds that wlli bring you endless hours of playing pleasure.
  • E-Drum Sound Module xD3
  • 10″ Snare Drum Mesh Pad
  • 10″ Bass Drum Mesh Kick
  • 10″ Tom Mesh Pad x3
  • 12″ Real optical HiHat Pad (Bottom and Top)
  • 12″ Crash Cymbal
  • 14″ Ride Cymbal
  • E-Drum Rack System
  • without bass drum pedal and hihat pedal


  • AC Adapter
  • Multi Trigger Cable
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Drum Key x1
  • Cable Tie x5
  • SD Card

* Kick drum pedal and drum throne are not included.

What are the outstanding features of this new series?

  • This ATV xD3 drum module based on the high end aD5 drum module
  • It comes with just -5 Preset drum kits – but all 5 are fantastic – who need more?
  • Many additional high resolution drum sounds can be downloaded from the ATV Sound Store
  • 20 Songs (further playable by SD card)
  • Metronome, quick record and practice functions
  • 6.3 mm stereo trigger input for aux
  • Headphone output + 2 Main outputs 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Mix in 3.5mm stereo
  • SD / SDHC card slot for saving backups and playing WAV files
  • USB MIDI interface for direct connection from a Mac or PC


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