Cordial ces02 stereo di box


Stereo Passive Di Box

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The concept of the CORDIAL passive two way DI Box CES 02 follows the trend of equipping keyboards, samplers and effect machines with stereo outputs thus enabling an easy connection of line level outputs with balanced mixing desk inputs with microphone level sensitivity. Very convenient is also the possibility to loop-in signals – not only with the 6.3 mm plug but also in RCA-format, which is often found in semi professional CD/minidisk/Cassette/DAT players. So the CES 02 features a completely ground separated inner construction and that means that two mono signals without cross talk can be transmitted. The CES 02 does not require any batteries or Phantom feed. The technical specifications of the transformer meet studio standards.

Features: Frequency response ± 0.3dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz @ 0dBu input Total harmonic distortion -0.008% @ 1kHz @ 18 dBu Maximum input level 18dBu @ 1 percent THD @ 40Hz


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