Fishman afx delay pedal


Fishman Afx Delay Pedal Delay Stomp Box For Acoustic Guitar # 2 Effects With 4 Presets Each: Short, Medium, Long, Ping Pong

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The AFX pedals also feature incredibly quiet 24-bit A/D/A and 32-bit processing for the highest audio quality; 1/4 inch stereo ins and outs; an input level switch that adds level boost while maintaining unity gain; a clip/low battery light and 9-Volt battery or wall-mount adaptor powering.

# Delay stomp box for acoustic guitar
# 2 Effects with 4 Presets each: Short, Medium, Long, Ping Pong
# Modern Delay: ultra-clean
# Classic Delay: warm, analog echo
# Tap feature with foot switch input sets eighth, dotted eighth, or quarter notes automatically
# Delay Hold feature for short phrase-sampling
# Level control
# Repeats control
# Delay Time control – up to 2.9 seconds of delay time
# All-analog, buffered bypass path with foot switch control
# 1/4 inch stereo ins and outs
# Input Gain switch adds level boost while maintaining unity gain
# Clip light also shows when the battery is low
# 24 bit A/D/A
# 32-bit processing
# 9-Volt battery or adaptor power
# Durable all-metal construction

The new AFX® acoustic effects pedals from Fishman are the first effects specifically designed for the acoustic guitar with all of the tonal nuances, rich natural sound and attention to detail that only Fishman can deliver.


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