Freshman ukulele spruce/mah soprano model


Freshman Ukulele Spruce/mahogany Soprano Model

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The ukulele is a Hawaiian instrument, a 19th century interpretation of the machete, a small guitar-like instrument related to the cavaquinho, braguinha and the rajao, taken to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. It gained great popularity elsewhere in the United States during the early 20th century, and would spread from here internationally. Though the Ukulele can be mistaken as a toy or novelty instrument due to its size, it is a serious instrument in its own right; one which comes in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone sizes. Freshman Ukuleles The Freshman ukulele range combines high quality tonewoods with smart designs. The UKMAHC is made from mahogany to achieve a balance of warmth and clarity. The rosewood fingerboard adds subtle, complex overtones to your songs for a more textured sound. The concert size is ideal for musicians who require a ukulele with a flexible sound and easy portability for the studio or on the road. Freshman's ukulele range offers practical features and affordable prices.

Specifications Body & Bridge

•Shape: Soprano •Top: Spruce

•Back and Sides: Mahogany

•Bridge: Rosewood

•Finish: Natural Neck & Fingerboard

•Fingerboard: Rosewood

•Inlays: Dots

•Neck: Mahogany

•Frets: 18 Hardware

•Nut: ABS

•Saddle: ABS

•Binding: White

•Machine Heads: Geared Machine Heads with Black Buttons


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