Gibson SG Jr Vintage Cherry


Gibson SG Junior – Vintage Cherry

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Gibson SG Jr Vintage Cherry

Classic Reissue from Gibson:
Don’t let the tag Junior fool you. There is nothing small about this classic reissue. The Gibson SG Junior for 2018 stays true to its historical roots and brings the past into the present without compromise. With thick, punchy tone that translates through gritty rock and roll to blues to raw garage-punk, the SG Junior is a workhorse axe that has been front and center in all these styles in the hands of some of the most legendary players of the past 50 years. Featuring a lightweight mahogany body and one absolutely red-hot P-90 pickup, this guitar brings the heat and a surprising level of versatility. The SG Junior also has the SlimTaper neck that so many players have come to love, including many electric enthusiasts here at Sweetwater.

Classic tonewoods:
Like the original SG Junior of 1961, the SG Jr 2018 is made from solid mahogany, a classic tonewood known for its rich, lower-end depth that also remains clear and articulate when pushed in volume. And with a solid mahogany neck cut to quartersawn orientation, carved to a fast, comfortable SlimTaper profile and topped with a rosewood fingerboard, this is a neck your hands won’t want to let go of. And as always, the SG Junior neck has been Plek’d to ensure consistency and playability in its fretting.

P-90 power and punch:
The star of the SG Junior has arguably always been the P-90 pickup that sits in the center of the body, ready to deliver that punchy, warm rocking tone that it is known for. This reproduction of Gibson’s seminal single-coil pickup is wound with 42-AWG wire and features a pair of genuine Alnico V bar magnets that give the P-90 that bite known for cutting through virtually any mix.

Gibson SG Junior Features:
Solid mahogany body and neck deliver killer depth of tone
Single dog-eared P-90 pickup delivers classic punchy tone
Slim-Profile neck with rosewood fingerboard feels instantly comfortable
Nickel wraparound bridge provides great support and a classic look


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