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The Laney AudioHub range is the swiss army knife of amplifiers, with flexible units that give consistency in performance and sound quality for a wide range of applications.

The Audiohub is designed to have a flat balanced sound, amplifying the true tone of the instrument without colouring it. With a variety of input options including xlr, jack and RCA, the Audiohub can handle 2 independent channels, with the option to shape the tone with a 3-band EQ control. Keyboards, electric drums, vocals, acoustic and electric string instruments as well as audio/mp3 playback are all handled with ease.

As added extras the Audiohub offers on board digital delay with feedback, time and level controls and an FX loop on the rear to ad character and depth to the sound. The Audio hub is a powerful and versatile unit, offering professional musicians the quality and power for their chosen instrument.

The Audiohub is also a fantastic choice for schools, as it has the versatility to cater for the wide variety of musicians, instruments, events and classes that happen on a daily basis.

Carpet covered dual position kickback cabinet
Channel level treble, bass and FX switch controls
AUX/CD input (3.5mm Stereo Jack)
5 channels;
Ch1:balanced XLR/ Unbalanced Line
Ch2: balanced XLR/ Hi-Z
Ch3&4: Stereo unbalanced line
Ch5: RCA unbalanced line input
On board digital delay with feedback time and level controls
5 band graphic EQ
Headphone socket
FX loop
1 x 12″ Custom driver with HF horn
80 Watts RMS power


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