Laney irt-x powered guitar extension cab/monitor


The new Ironheart IRT-X is a revolutionary new product offering a number of ways of expanding your rig! You can run this cabinet in-line between your existing amp & speaker which, unlike an extension cabinet (which sits after your output section), the IRT-X sits BETWEEN your amps output section and your amps speaker and cleverly mimics the response characteristics of your on-board speaker

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Also, unlike most guitar speakers, which are commonly rolled off above 4Khz, the IRT-X houses a high quality flat response 8” Driver and a 1”Compression Driver. As soon as you connect the IRT-X, YOUR guitar tone has the capability for far more highs and lows, which means more tone! Used in its most straightforward application the IRT-X gives you more of YOUR tone! And since it’s YOUR tone what better than to use it as your own personal guitar monitor on stage – every gigging musician has run into problems hearing themselves on stage. Another great application is as an active monitor for your current guitar preamp/amp modeller. The use of hi tech modelling setups requires some specific considerations when it comes to amplification. The IRT-X is ideally suited to pairing with a modelling processor or DSP based DAW package as the IRT-X has a completely flat, full range frequency response. Meaning your carefully modelled signal path in not re-EQ’d during the amplification process. Another application is as a basis for a wet/dry rig. Plug your effects into the IRT-X and you get all the benefit of your unadulterated guitar tone – with effects only in the IRT-X giving you a Wet/Dry set up – or return your FX into both the IRT-X and your amps FX loop and run a truly massive stereo set up. Or run two IRT-X expansion cabinets in conjunction with your amp for the ultimate wet/dry/wet stereo rig!! The IRT-X’s Electro/Mechanical Reactive Linking (ERL) offers you tonal options previously unavailable for YOUR tone. The IRT-X has a super compact footprint which means you can have a massive sound on even the smallest stage. Mic-ing the IRT-X is simple too! The IRT-X comes equipped with an XLR DI out. Which can be sent directly to the PA and provides either a completely dry signal, or can be cabinet emulated – with or without FX! Emulation options include Dry, 1×12 or 4×12, so there is no need to use a mic & stand, which on a tight stage is great news. The on-board DI also means you get the same great tone night after night, venue after venue – no more relying on mic placements! Coupled with useful other features (such as minijack input for your MP3 player) this really is a product that will expand your tone! Laney IRT-X Features: Power: 200W RMS ICE POWER Inputs: XLR/Jack Combi inputs Drivers: High quality Flat Response 8” Bass driver + High quality 1” compression driver Cabinet Design: Offset Trapizoidal – upright or monitor orientations FX Loop(s): Stereo FX loop DI Socket: Balanced DI output with source switching Equalisation: Master Treble & Bass EQ Line In: Jack Aux In: Mini Jack Cabinet Emulation: Switchable Cabinet emulation, Non, 1 x 12" or 4 x 12" options Speaker In and Thru connectors: Jack Socket Speaker Phase Switch: Allows for Phase reversal of the unit. Ground Lift: Hum busting ground lift switches Pole Stand Fitting: Top hat supplied as standard


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