Marshall Jvm Series 100 W Head

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The Foundation Of Rock… Times Four!
The JVM Series 100 Watt (JVM410H), valve-driven power stage is built on the classic design responsible for the legendary Marshall roar found in the JCM800 2203 and “Plexi” Super Lead amplifiers – a timeless foundation for countless classic rock and metal guitar tones for over four decades. Featuring a quartet of EL34 valves, this peerless design has been expertly crafted to compliment the extraordinary wealth of tones found in the JVM.

12 All-Valve Amps in One!
Each of the JVM’s four channels has three modes – green, orange and red – providing 12 totally unique, yet complimentary amplifier topologies, making it 12 amps in one! As a result, the Series offers an amazing array of instantly switchable tones – from the cleanest clean to the highest gain ever found in a Marshall and all points in-between! Overflowing with harmonically rich tone and responsive fluidity, each and every one of its 12 modes exude that unmistakable Marshall sound while expanding upon it.

Channelling World Class Tone – The Four JVM Channels Are:

* Clean: With the gain stages lurking after the tone controls, all three modes offer classic clean and bluesy tones – simple, pure, perfect.

* Crunch: From a “Plexi” Super Lead (green mode) to a 2203 (orange) to a hot-rodded JCM800 monster (red), this is the classic rocker’s dream.

* OD1: Imagine every high gain, all-valve Marshall ever made and then add even more gain! Incredible tone and extreme gain that runs the gamut from cutting to fluid, OD1 is perfect for shredding, hard rock and metal.

* OD2: Add even more gain to OD1 and change the tone network topology in the all-important mids and you have a fire-breathing, modern high-gain monster that takes no prisoners. Totally addictive!

Logical Layout
The JVM front panel is simple and uncompromising; dedicated Gain, EQ, Volume and Reverb are present for each of the four channels. Add to this a Master section with dual Master Volumes, Resonance and Presence and you have a clear, concise layout that makes the JVM easy and intuitive to use.

Seamless Switching, Perfect Memory & MIDI
The onboard logic not only ensures switching is swift and silent, but also remembers the position of each front panel switch in all 12 modes – Reverb (on/off), FX Loop (on/off) and Master Volume (1 or 2). So, when you return to any mode, all switch settings will be exactly as you left them – even after you’ve powered the amp down. This groundbreaking system combined with revolutionary, new footswitch technology, plus MIDI switching capabilities, add even further to the JVM’s already incredible flexibility.

Ultimate Control & Connectivity
Every JVM is supplied with a 6-way, fully programmable footswitch. This revolutionary, UK patent-pending technology allows single front panel switches (SWITCH STORE) or entire setups (PRESET STORE – Channel, Mode, Reverb, FX Loop and Master Volume switch setting) to be simply assigned to anyfoot switch. The footswitch’s group of multi-coloured LEDs reflect every front panel switch status ensuring, in the heat of a performance, you know exactly where you are with no need to see the amp. To add to it’s already impressive “guitarist friendliness,” the JVM footswitch connects to the amplifier via a standard guitar lead, making it easy to replace with any length you may need. Additionally, the JVM’s MIDI In and Thru connection means it can easily be integrated in a MIDI switching set-up, allowing you to store and recall 128 complete amplifier set-ups, for example, enabling your pedal effects board to easily control the amp. With its built-in memory and switching options, the JVM’s possibilities are endless!

Studio Quality Reverb
The onboard, studio quality digital Reverb is routed in parallel and mixed with the direct signal by means of a valve. When the Reverb is engaged no degradation of the direct signal occurs and when switched off it is removed from the circuit. The Reverb circuit has also been designed to avoid abrupt cut-offs, allowing the reverb tail to decay naturally when switching or changing from channel to channel.

Loud & Louder
Dual Master Volumes increase the flexibility and balance of your sounds, and when assigned directly to the footswitch, can be used as a solo boost. The Resonance and Presence act as a global equaliser, controlling how the power section reacts with the speakers, adding another layer of tone control and letting you adjust the power amplifier dynamics to your own taste.

FX Control
The JVM boasts two FX Loops that live on its rear panel. A footswitchable Parallel/Series Loop with Level and Mix controls, plus a Series Loop. When the JVM is combined with a MIDI effects processor and switched via MIDI, the sky’s the limit!

Silence is Golden
When on Standby, the JVM’s emulated XLR output is fully operational, allowing you to record in total silence – a godsend for those late night recording sessions!

Marshall Heritage
Every JVM is made at the Marshall factory in the tonal heart of England. Time-tested, traditional methods of craftsmanship and construction are combined with the latest advances in modern manufacturing technology, ensuring world class build quality and roadworthiness. Internally, the JVM circuitry and layout has been kept to a minimum, ensuring the integrity of the guitar tone and an incredibly low noise floor – this coupled with meticulous valve selection and high tolerance, quality components adds to the all-important reliability factor that is synonymous with the Marshall legend.

Marshall JVM410H Features

* 100W tube amp head
* Perfect for any 1960 Marshall cab
* 5 x ECC83 (12AX7s) and 4 x EL34s
* 4 independent channels
* Each channel boasts 3 modes
* Studio quality digital reverb
* 2 footswitchable master volumes
* 2 FX loops Series/Parallel
* Emulated line out
* 6-way footswitch with memory
* Channel switching via MIDI
* Made in England


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