Natal Cafe Racer Ebony Veneer


Natal KTW-UF22-VN1 Cafe Racer Drum Kit Shell Pack, Ebony Pinstripe Veneer

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Tulip Wood Shells

The Natal Cafe Racer Shell Pack features high-quality tulipwood shells, commonly known as tulip poplar or yellow poplar. This tonewood delivers a unique, dry and focused sound which is well suited to a range of drumming styles. Whether you are performing on-stage or in the studio, the Cafe Racer Shell Pack provides the perfect amount of warmth and projection, whilst offering a wide dynamic range capability. The kit features a unique, compact configuration, making it ideal for the gigging or travelling drummer.

Durable Chrome Hardware

The Cafe Racer Shell Pack features solid chrome shell hardware, including high mass chrome-plated zinc sun lugs with tru-tune tension rods, offering reliable and consistent tuning for your shells throughout your performance or drumming session. An NRM aluminium ball tom mounting system helps to secure the toms whilst mounted, offering a stable and balanced playing surface, ideal for even the most intense drumming styles and genres. With a hand-finished 45-degree bearing edge, the Natal Caf Racer Shell Pack features a stunning ebony pinstripe veneer finish which will complement any studio or stage space.

Perfect Foundation Setup

The Natal Cafe Racer Shell Pack offers a foundation setup that can be finished with the hardware and cymbals of your choice and expanded with add-on drums and holders if you choose. When paired with high-quality cymbals and hardware, the Cafe Racer Shell Pack offers a great learning experience for intermediate drummers, whilst offering the high-quality components and features which more advanced drummers require.


Shells: North American Tulip Wood Shells
Bearing Edge: 45-Degree, Hand Finished
Lugs: Chrome-Plated Zinc Sun Lugs
Tension Rods: Tru-Tune Tension Rods
Tom Mount: NRM Aluminium Ball Tom Mounting System
Bass Drum Spurs: Telescopic Spurs
Finish: Ebony Pinstripe Veneer


8 x 7 Tom

10 x 8 Tom

12 x 9 Tom

16 x 16 Floor Tom

22 x 18 Bass Drum



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