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About Volto 3

More power. More recharges. More durable. Same price. We’re happy to continue Volto’s winning tradition with Volto 3 – an amazing little green machine!

Volto 3 is better than ever with a more powerful battery, more sophisticated circuitry, more lifetime recharges, and huge gains in charge life – up to 25% longer!

A modern alternative to expensive, unreliable, and environmentally hazardous 9V batteries, Volto 3 is engineered for hundreds of lifetime recharges, replacing thousands of 9V batteries – that’s good for your wallet and the environment. With new Battery Health programming to protect against overcharging, Volto 3 boasts double the lifetime recharges of previous versions.   

Volto 3 is compatible with all Pedaltrain models. Its slim design, about the same size as a smartphone, makes it a great choice for small pedal boards like the Pedaltrain Nano and Metro series.

The redesigned green shell has a triple reinforced USB housing to make it the most durable Volto yet. Included with Volto 3 are two 3-position daisy chains, two single-end straight cables, an AC charger with international plug adapters, and two strips of hook-and-loop for mounting to your Pedaltrain pedal board.

Volto 3 is capable of providing 6200 mAh of 9V DC power to light up as many analog 9-volt pedals as you like. Battery life will vary based on the total current draw of the pedals you are powering – the more pedals you use, the faster the battery will discharge.

Pedaltrain introduced the first Volto rechargeable power supply in 2013. A hit with players and critics, Volto became the world’s #1 best-selling rechargeable pedal power supply and claimed the 2014 Summer NAMM Best in Show Award.

  • (1) Rechargeable Volto 3 Power Supply
  • (2) 3 Position Daisy Chain Cables
  • (2) Right Angle to Straight Cables
  • (1) Micro-USB Charging Cable with (1) USB Power Adapter and International Connectors
  • (2) Strips of Hook-and-Loop for Mounting
  • (1) User Manual
NOTE #1:  Volto 3 has a new a battery health program, which will automatically refresh the battery and extend the life of your Volto.
  • This program will cause the third light to blink after full charge (for example, if you left it plugged in for a few days).
  • Of course, when the battery is fully charged, the three lights will be solid.
  • However, the third light will begin blinking again if the circuit wants to refresh the battery.
  • In some cases the light can go from fully charged (three bars) to blinking again in a short time (almost instantly in some cases).
  • To check if Volto is fully charged, simply unplug and turn Volto on. You will see three bars full.
  • You can leave Volto 3 plugged in 24/7 when not in use. It cannot overcharge. This way you will always have a full charge ready to go. 

NOTE #2:  For a full charge, especially when new out-of-the-box, we recommend charging overnight. This is the best way to get a great initial charge. Have fun!



  • 4.7 in x 3.3 in x .75 in

Power Specs:

  • 9V DC output
  • Li-polymer Battery
  • Rated Capacity: 6200 mAh
  • Max Output: 2000 mA (peak)


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