PreSonus CDL12P Constant Directivity Loudspeaker


1000W Hybrid Point Source/Line Array Speaker with 12-inch LF Driver, 8 x 2-inch HF Drivers, and Built-in Limiter (each)

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Constant directivity provides consistent, coherent sound

The CDL12P’s patent-pending design combines the best of point source and line array technology. It houses eight 2-inch drivers that are aligned in a segmented circular-arc high-frequency array. These transducers are centred around a single 12-inch woofer. The output from these state-of-the-art drivers travels on the same acoustic axis, ensuring that the pattern always radiates from the centre of the CDL12P. And when you stack multiple enclosures, the entire array maintains consistent centre-to-centre spacing among all the high- and low-frequency drivers, creating a seamless transition from one cabinet to the next. It also minimises comb filtering, maintaining a controlled 120° horizontal coverage pattern, while the vertical coverage is expanded by 15° per speaker. That means a 6-speaker array of CDL12Ps delivers impressive dispersion of up to 90° vertically and 120° horizontally!

Customizable array presets and flexible mounting for easy deployment

Whether you’re using it alone or in an array, setting up the CDL12P is a breeze, thanks to its onboard presets on the rear panel. Use the simple controls to configure your arrays of one to six CDL12P speakers, engage a 90Hz low-cut filter, or integrate a subwoofer like the PreSonus CDL18s. Its 2-position pole mount gives you the flexibility to mount up to two CDL12P loudspeakers on a single tripod or atop the PreSonus CDL18s subwoofer, while integrated flyware allows for permanent installation.

PreSonus CDL12P Powered PA Speaker Features:

  • 8 x 2-inch drivers disperse high frequencies at an astonishing 120 degrees horizontally
  • 6 speakers can be arrayed for room-filling 90° x 120° dispersion
  • 12-inch woofer yields a thunderous low-end thump
  • 1000W of Class D power exhibit remarkable headroom, explosive SPLs, and incredible dynamics
  • Onboard array presets for easy deployment
  • Boasts an impressive range of mounting options

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Weight 28.6 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 52.9 × 47.3 cm


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