PreSonus FaderPort V2 Production Controller


1-channel USB MIDI Fader with Transport Controls and Pan, Mute, Solo, Automation Write, Record Enable, and Session NavigatoR

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Streamlined DAW Control

Taking a cue from PreSonus’ FaderPort 8 and 16, the upgraded 1-channel FaderPort offers tightly integrated, optimized workflows and expanded DAW compatibility. Take control of your mix with a touch-sensitive, 100mm long-throw, motorized fader and 360-degree push-button encoder. Speed up your productions with convenient transport and automation controls. Enjoy seamless, native support for Studio One, as well as compatibility with Logic Pro X, Cubase, Live, and more via Mackie’s Control Universal emulation. Pro Tools users will also benefit from tight integration via the Mackie HUI emulation. If you’re searching for a way to maximize your workflow, the FaderPort is a great solution.

Rely Less on Your Keyboard and Mouse

Take command of your DAW

The FaderPort is loaded with a high-quality motorized long-throw fader to give you the feel needed for recording perfect fades and writing automation. A footswitch jack is also included on the FaderPort for hands-free punch in/out during recording. The FaderPort works with any Mac or Windows-based recording software including Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Live, and more.

Work faster with dedicated transport controls

The main transport section of the FaderPort is extremely convenient. In addition to all the standard transport controls, you have general session controls such as undo/redo, solo/mute clear, track management, and more, plus you can switch automation modes instantly.

Manage complex sessions with Session Navigator

The FaderPort’s Session Navigator makes managing complex sessions a breeze. Enjoy instant hands-on control of any Studio One parameter via a link/lock to parameter mode. Lock the FaderPort onto a specific mixer channel in your DAW with a channel selector mode. You can scroll through and zoom in or out of your DAW timeline, select and nudge a section, region, or event, and more. You also get a pan control and pan “flip” mode.

PreSonus FaderPort Features:

  • Mouse-free music production
  • Same design esthetics as PreSonus’ FaderPort 8 and 16
  • Touch-sensitive, 100mm long-throw, motorized fader
  • 360-degree push-button encoder
  • Complete recording transport control
  • Write single channel or group-channel automation
  • Pan control, mute, solo, record enable
  • Seamless, native support for Studio One
  • Compatible with Logic Pro X, Cubase, Live, and more via Mackie Control Universal emulation
  • Integration with Pro Tools via Mackie HUI emulation
  • Session Navigator makes managing complex sessions a breeze
  • Footswitch jack for hands-free punch in/out


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