PreSonus ULT10 1300W 10″ Powered Speaker


1,300-watt Peak 2-way 10″ Powered Loudspeaker with Onboard Mixer (each)

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Long-throw Performance for Better Audience Coverage

PreSonus ULT10 active loudspeakers feature an “Ultra Long Throw” design, ensuring everyone in the audience is reached. The wide 110-degree horizontal dispersion helps avoid sonic dips and dropouts as you move laterally across the listening area. And the focused 50-degree vertical dispersion achieves a longer throw than comparable speakers, ensuring they’ll be heard at the back of the venue. Factor in 1,300 watts of peak Class D power, a built-in mixer with XLR and 1/4″ inputs, and a rotatable waveguide that lets you choose between use as a main speaker or as a stage monitor, and the PreSonus ULT10 active loudspeaker is a versatile addition to any PA system.

Multi-angle enclosure and rotatable horn for sonic flexibility

The focused vertical dispersion and wide horizontal dispersion of the ULT10 loudspeaker help it reach the back of the room while minimising unwanted reflections that can smear your sound. But what if you find yourself in a tall and narrow room instead of a long, wide room? Just rotate the horn, and you’ll still enjoy the longer throw, but with less reflection from the side walls. Live sound engineers at X Music know that you’re always fighting the room’s acoustics, and PreSonus ULT10 gives you one more way to get the best sound out of any venue.

Use as a main speaker, stage monitor, fill speaker, or portable PA

The PreSonus ULT10 is truly a does-it-all loudspeaker. The multi-angle cabinet allows you to use it as a stage monitor, and the rotatable tweeter makes it easy to re-orient the dispersion to avoid unwanted reflections off the stage. Its sonic flexibility also means the ULT10 can make a great fill speaker under balconies. And with a built-in mixer, with XLR and 1/4″ inputs for microphone and line-level signals, it’s ready to be used as a portable PA for singer/songwriters too.

Vivid audio from ample Class D power

Expect plenty of punch and sonic power from PreSonus ULT10 loudspeakers. The 10″ woofer is powered with 500 watts RMS from the Class D power amp. The 1.75″ horn is driven with 150 watts RMS. Whether you use it as a main speaker or a stage monitor, the ULT10 delivers clean, clear audio.

PreSonus ULT10 Active Loudspeaker Features:

  • Powered loudspeaker with 10″ LF driver and 1.75″ HF horn
  • Ultra-wide 110-degree horizontal coverage
  • Focused 50-degree vertical dispersion for longer throw
  • Rotatable horn makes it easier to optimise sound for any room
  • Multi-angle cabinet allows you to use it as a floor monitor
  • Built-in mixer with XLR and 1/4″ inputs and XMAX preamp
  • Rugged wooden cabinet minimises unwanted resonance and enhances durability
  • Built-in switchable high-pass filter makes it easy to integrate with a subwoofer
  • Clean, clear sound from 650 watts RMS of Class D amplification (1,300-watt peak)
  • Carries PreSonus’s impressive 6-year warrant


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