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Radial X-Amp Active Studio Reamper Box

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The X-Amp employs a unique Class A circuit design optimised for use with guitars and giving optimal reach and frequency. A balanced line input with LED indicator and level control has been included as well as a transformer isolated output to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, a 180 degree polarity reverse switch to bring both amps into phase and a dual ground lift switch for noise free operation.

The Radial X-Amp is built to withstand years of trouble free use with an internal I-beam skeleton providing maximum protection against external stresses. The innovative bookend design also creates a protective area around the switches, potentiometer and connectors to give extra protection to the most vulnerable points. A whole bottom, no-slip pad prevents vibrations and gives electrical and mechanical isolation.

Reamping works well on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals and is easy to use. Start by recording a dry track using a high quality DI box then send the new track from your recorder via the X-Amp to your guitar amps and/or effects pedals. Once the basic track’s been recorded, replacing or adding tracks can be done well after the artist has gone home. This eliminates repetition and assures a fresh vibrant performance on the final recording. By driving two amps at the same time you can find new sounds and textures as the recording progresses.

•Audio circuit type: 100% discrete class-A
•Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 15kHz (± 1.0dB)
•Signal to noise ratio: 88dB below instrument level (-20dBu)
•Dynamic range: 119dB
•Noise floor: OUT-1 -110dB; OUT-2 -108dBu
•Maximum input: +22dBu
•Total harmonic distortion: 0.02% @ -15dBu
•Inter-modulation distortion: 0.02% @ -20dBu
•Input impedance: 600?
•XLR input: Balanced line-level, AES standard (pin-2 hot)
•Ground lift (input): Disconnects pin-1 at the XLR input
•Output level: Adjustable
•Output type: Out-1 direct, Out-2 isolated
•Polarity: 180º polarity reverse on output-2
•Power: +15VDC/400mA adapter included
•Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell, baked enamel finish
•Size: 3.3″ x 5.0″ x 2″ (84 x 127 x 48mm)
•Weight: 1.55lb (720g)
•Shipping Size: 5″ x 2.75″ x 10.75″ (127 x 70 x 273mm)
•Shipping Weight: 2.6lb (1.18kg)
•Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable


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