ROLAND JU06A Boutique Juno Synth Module


Roland JU06A Boutique Module

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Obtain that classic JUNO sound. Combining the legendary 60 and 106 JUNO synths, the Roland Boutique JU-06A Sound Module with K25M Keyboard is a must-have for retro-tinted synth exploration. Dive deeper into the classic synthesis model and play the vintage sounds of the Billy Idol, Eurythmics, and just about any iconic eighties artist. The true sound of the eighties, now in your studio. Included in the JU-06A are all the features and tools that made the JUNO a true legend of its time. An arpeggiator, pulse-width-modulation, a continuous high-pass filter. All housed in an attractive metal casing.


  • Reimagining of the legendary Roland JUNO synthesizers
  • Streamlined control panel helps you find the perfect sound
  • Bus or battery powered increases the JU-06A portability
  • Full MIDI functionality – works with a massive range of gear
  • Truly invokes the classic JUNO sound in a compact form


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