Roland LX706 DR Digital Piano Dark Rosewood 6 spkr


Roland LX706-DR Upright Digital Piano in Dark Rosewood

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The LX706 strikes the perfect balance between price and features. No less unbelievable to play than the LX708, the 706 uses the same Grand Hybrid key technology to make playing as comfortable as possible. The LX700 is founded on the very basics – exquisite tone and elegant touch-sensitive keys. It packs the digital prowess of the SuperNATURAL modelling engine housing 307 different tones from two grand piano voicings – European and American – and a variety of strings and organs.

A built-in LED screen provides a clear settings overview, as well as the ability to select one of 10 temperaments and a range of ambient effects.

The PHA-50 keyboard offers uncanny acoustic resemblance thanks to a clever hammer weighted action underneath the hybrid wood and mould keys. This balance provides optimal performance over years of use, as well as the familiar rigidity that feels effortless to play.

Their longer shape allows for smoother action as your fingers won’t tire as easily. This is the piano you need to make improvements to your technique. These keys also make less of a ‘thump’ than standard digital pianos, so you can play at later hours without making a noise.

Roland’s Acoustic Projection System offers power and immersion to fill a living room and more. Each two speakers are split into pairs and optimised for superior sound reproduction across the dynamic range.

Open the top lid to recreate an acoustic piano’s overtones. Intelligent speaker placement makes sure you get the most out of your playing technique. Whether you’re playing or streaming music via Bluetooth connectivity, you’re sure to hear pristine clarity.

It optimises play through headphones with 3D ambience – a much improved option than simply switching the sound from speakers to ears. You’ll hear extreme nuances in your playing.


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