Tama roadpro air ride snare stand


The creation of the Air Ride System achieved a dream of TAMA’s designers: to offer the advantage of Star-Cast free suspension mounting to the entire kit, tom or snare. Now snare drums as well as toms can realize their full sonic potential with a feel that’s consistent with the rest of the kit.

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With the Star-Cast Mounting System with Hoop Grips, EVERY snare drum can have the advantage of free suspension mounting: die-cast hoops or flanged. The “Hi-Low “Base allows you to set a snare drum lower than the conventional stand.

Air Ride Snare Mounting System complete kit with Air Ride unit, Hoop Grips, and HL70WN snare stand for adding the Air Ride System to your existing snare drum.

* 28.6mm diameter base tubing, double braces legs

* Omni-ball tilter * Hi-Low Base

* Height adjustment range: 580mm – 770mm(22 7/8″ – 30 1/3”)

*Height adjustment range indicates the distance from the batter head of the mounted snare drum to the floor.


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