Tama rw200 rhythm watch drum metronome


Metronome for Drummer with Backlit Display, 30 Memory Settings, 9 Different Beat Divisions, 35-250 BPM Support, and Beat Division Volume Controls

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Essential Tool for Every Drummer

If you’re a drummer, Tama’s RW200 Rhythm Watch metronome is just for you! Every drummer at Sweetwater knows timing is everything whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for years. The RW200 is versatile, programmable, and customizable, so it’s great for your solo practice, band rehearsals, and gigs – when the pressure kicks up in the studio or at the show, your nerves won’t make the tempo creep up. With Tama’s RW200 Rhythm Watch you know you’re playing exactly what you’re supposed to be, and you’ll never miss a beat.

Tama packs every must-have tool you need into the RW200 and gives you the control you need to customize your beat-keeping. It’s great for practicing your chops when you’re on your own – and also for making sure you’re jamming at the right tempo on all of your band’s tracks. Store your favorite grooves into memory – the RW200 lets you store 30 different tempo/beats into memory for instant set recall, so you can get right into the groove. To avoid that stale, always-the-same metronome sound, you can also use separate volume controls to customize the way you hear the beat divisions. The start/tap button is easy to reach, even when the RW200 is mounted on your kit. The large, easy-to-see fly wheel lets you make fast tempo adjustments and scroll through your settings and the big and brightly backlit LCD display helps you keep an eye on it all!

Tama RW200 Rhythm Watch Metronome for Drummer Features:
Tempo ranges from 35-250 BPM for slow jamming or double kick thrashing
Tempo and beat memory holds 30 songs
Customize the subdivision of your beat
LCD display with Back light
Powered by 9V battery or optional adapter
Mountable with optional hardware clamp

Perfect your chops with Tama’s Rhythm Watch RW200!


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