Truetone TT-V3SD


Truetone TT-V3SD Tap Delay Pedal V3

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Truetone Tap Delay Pedal V3

V3 Tap Delay

When we released our Dual Tap Delay, the response was overwhelming! (…and it still is!). We heard from some players that they would love to have a scaled down, single tap version of the award-winning pedal. With that in mind, Truetone is proud to release the V3 Tap Delay!

The V3 Tap Delay is basically channel 2 of the Dual Tap Delay in a small, compact pedal. Perfect for cramped pedalboards, the V3 Tap Delay has all the features a player would want in a single delay pedal including Tap Tempo, Manual Mode, Tone Control, Time Divisions, Modulation, Dual Outputs, and of course control over Repeats and Effect Level.



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