Zildjian 15 azuka latin multi crash hand / stick


Played by hand or with sticks. Great dynamic range.

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Played by hand or with sticks. Great dynamic range. Quick response to
the lightest touch. Opens up for full crash sound. Add a three rivet
cluster for a great sizzle effect.

The Azuka Latin
Multi-Crash Hand & Stick
was the first cymbal to
be designed to be played with the hand, providing conga and bongo
players with cymbal sound colors for the first time.

teamed up with Alex Acuna to create the Azuka cymbal line especially
made for Latin Percussionists. “When I add percussion to my drumset, I
often play congas and bongos with my left hand and the rest of the kit
with a stick in my right. For years, I wanted to be able to play a
cymbal with my left hand. Then I thought, a cymbal that you could play
with your left hand would open up a whole new world of sound for all
Latin Percussionists.”


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