Pre-owned Guitars and Pedals

We trade in and sell preowned guitars, amps and pedals.
Most of them you can find in our Ballymount store, but we wanted to shout out about a couple of gems we currently have in our shop!
They are available for sale only in our store, so before you decide to purchase, please call our store on (01) 411 1100 and check availability.

Ibanez EX3700 EX series- €299.00

  • Bridge pick-up: Ibanez XH2 (H)
  • middle pick-up: Ibanez XS3 (S)
  • neck pick-up: Ibanez XH1 (H)
  • From the 90’s.
  • Great quality or the money.
  • In good condition.

Fender American Stratocaster ’86-’87- €1,450.00

  • Vintage American Strat from between 1986 and 1987 in good condition for it’s age, few dings here and there

Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster Gold Edition- €349.00

  • Only a couple of years old
  • In very good condition
  • From a fairly unique run of guitars

J-50 Gibson 1973- €1,999.00

  • Genuine 1973 Gibson acoustic
  • Has seen a lot of action, mainly on the binding of the body
  • Player grade

Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird 2015 Sunburst- €1,499.00

  • 1960’s slim neck shape.
  • 2015 Gibson that didn’t come with “robot” tuners or zero fret
  • In good condition.

Redbeard Anrgy Rhurbarb Overdrive Pedal- €179.00

  • 2 separate drive controls (pre & post).
  • In good condition.

ISP Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal- €149.00

  • Industry standard noise gate
  • In good condition.
  • This pedal is perfect for heavy metal and live gigs.

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